Types of barbecues, barbecue recipes, barbecue history, barbecue brands, barbecue ideas and much more ...

Barbecues or bbqs are more than a kitchen utensil, barbecues are meetings with friends, family and sunny afternoon smiles, a good barbecue accompanied by a good beer or a good wine is the best recipe. If you are a lover of the world of barbecues, this is your website.

We will show you all the tricks, models and recipes so that your barbecue is the icing on a perfect day.

What is your ideal barbecue?

There are countless models so it is normal that you do not know which barbecue to buy that best meets your needs. We have classified them so that you can find what you are looking for.

Construcion Barbecue
Construction barbecue

Would you like to have a beautiful and beautiful built-in barbecue in your home garden? Without a doubt, they are the best there is for meetings with friends. However, are you sure they are what you need? Shouldn't you get to know them a little more before?

Portable Barbecues
Portable barbecues

Not everyone has the luxury of having a garden. And barbecuing on the balcony can bring some problems. One solution is to have a barbecue on a campsite or in a field. Nothing better than enjoying this experience with friends and family, right? Now what should you know about portable barbecues? 

Charcoal barbecue
Charcoal barbecue

For many years, charcoal barbecues have become the perfect companion for those who liked to cook outdoors. Today there are not a few restaurants that continue to serve food cooked with charcoal. But for what reason? So many advantages do they have? Does it taste that good to meat?

Wood barbecues
Wood barbecues

When summer arrives, nothing feels better than having a good barbecue outdoors with friends and family. However, you have to choose well the type of barbecue you are going to use. For example, wood-burning barbecues are a great option for those who like to cook meat. 

Gas Barbecue
Gas barbecue

When buying a barbecue, there are many models available, among the best-selling gas barbecues stand out for being fast, efficient and with an economic price.

Stone barbecue
Stone barbecue

If you are not very convinced by the idea of having a charcoal or gas barbecue, how about a stone barbecue? In fact, in recent years it has become the favorite of lovers of barbecue cuisine. What if it was the one that fits your way of cooking?

Iron Barbecue
Iron barbecue

The good weather is approaching, and the time has come to start barbecuing! How? That your old barbecue no longer works and you have to buy a new one? It won't be any problem for you! You can buy yourself a fantastic iron barbecue!

Maintaining  barbecue
Maintaining an iron barbecue

Cast iron is a very delicate material to treat, especially when cleaning it. Therefore, if you have a cast iron barbecue, it is better that you do a proper cleaning from time to time, to prevent it from spoiling. 

For us the best brands of barbecues

BBQ, grills, gas, charcoal, firewood, electric, pellets, smokers, a brief review of what for us are the best brands, more expensive, cheaper, fixed, portable and mini barbecues to do anywhere. 
Weber Barbecues and grills
Tepro Barbecues and grills
Sauvic Barbecues and grills
Landmann Barbecues and grills
Cuisinart Barbecues and grills
Char-Broil Barbecues and grills
Blackstone Barbecues and grills
Uten mini Barbecues and grills
Royal Gourmet Barbecues and grills
Master Cook Barbecues and grills
Isumer mini Barbecues and grills
Broil King Barbecues and grills
Dancook Barbecues and grills
Masterbuilt Barbecues and grills
Traeger Barbecues and grills
Bull Barbecues and grills
Beefeater Barbecues and grills
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Barbecues
Kamado Joe Barbecues
Napoleon Barbecues

Meat smoker
Do you like that special smoky flavor? do you like the meat to fall apart? you have to buy a meat smoker

The process of smoking, whether meat, fish or vegetables is more complicated than making a simple barbecue, it can be done in a simple hole in the ground but we all like to do it more in a device prepared for it. The appliance is more expensive than a normal barbecue, the process takes longer and is more complicated, but the result is spectacular, that meat with a smoky flavor that melts is second to none.
Smoking is a type of grilling or slow cooking a food over low heat. Equipment and personal preferences determine which foods to choose for grilling or smoking. Smoking adds a pleasantly deep, woody flavor to foods, so a smoky flavor is sometimes added to sauces and vegetables; but true charcoal grilling and smoking is really only made with great cuts of meat, such as pork shoulders, whole chickens, flanks, and beef ribs. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of grilling versus smoking will help you decide which is the best option for serving your guests. 

Smoke beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables, Read more about smoking meat...

Curiosities about the barbecue section

A little different information about the world of barbecues

We have created a section of curiosities related to the world of barbecues but that goes a bit out of the typical barbecues that we always see, for example we always talk about brands, characteristics, typical recipes, etc. In this section we obviously talk about the world of barbecues but a little broader, for example: The origin and history of barbecues, ideas of original dishes and desserts for barbecues, the typical foods are very good but these can be made on the barbecue and surprise your family or friends. We also talked about cheap bbq recipes and a barbecue question and answer section, explore the pages, hopefully you like them. 

Origin, history of barbecues
Origin, history of barbecues

Who doesn't love chops or ribs with barbecue sauce? Before lighting the embers, we suggest you learn about the history of barbecues around the world 

Original ideas for a barbecue
Original ideas for a barbecue

So that this season you surprise everyone with your grilled or barbecue recipes, we propose some original ideas that you are going to love and that go beyond what we usually do on the barbecue.

BBQ dessert ideas
BBQ dessert ideas

Those with a sweet tooth know that no barbecue is complete without a sweet touch to leave a good taste in the mouth. And we can use our barbecue to get it. Although we traditionally use it to cook meat and vegetables on the grill, the truth is that embers can be the creators of the best desserts.

Make barbecues easily
Make barbecues easily

Tips for making a good barbecue. Making a barbecue may seem like a simple task but if you have already done one you will know that it is not as easy as most people think. Achieving a perfect result is usually a mix of skill, dexterity and following a good method.

Home vs restaurant
Home vs restaurant

Eating at home or eating in a restaurant, we have asked a friend cook and our mother, these are their opinions, and you who prefer to eat at home or eat in a restaurant? 

The best barbecue recipes
The best barbecue recipes

The best barbecue recipes? They do not exist, each person has different tastes and some will like meat more, others fish, vegetables ... It is true that most of us tend to agree that the best thing for barbecues is meat with some accompaniment. So let's suppose that if you are like us, for you the best recipes...

The best cheapest barbecue recipes
The best cheapest barbecue recipes

 To make a barbecue, as in everyday life, it can be done with more expensive or less expensive ingredients, it can be done with very cheap elements and still enjoy. 

Questions and answers about barbecue
Questions and answers about barbecue

When we are beginners in the world of barbs, a series of doubts or questions always arise, we will try to solve the most common ones. 

Which fuel is better: coal, gas or wood? 

Each fuel has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, gas has the advantage of being comfortable and easy to use, both in its ignition and in controlling the flame.

However, true barbecue lovers prefer firewood or charcoal. There are many types of wood and charcoal that we can use for our grills, and in many cases, they will determine the flavor and aroma that the food will acquire.

Among the most commonly used woods for cooking on barbecues we find holm oak, olive, oak, orange, beech and ash wood, among others. But…

Attention! Toxic woods for cooking on grills or barbecues.

This is something that not everyone knows and that can turn a joyous afternoon into a nightmare of migraines and headaches. There are woods that should NEVER be used to cook food, among these are fig firewood, as well as wood treated with paints or varnishes, since the combustion of these chemicals can be dangerous to our health.

The undisputed king of barbecues is charcoal. This vegetable biomass does not pollute and is ecological, and the embers they produce have the characteristic of generating a uniform and long-lasting heat, ideal for cooking meat, fish or vegetables, and it is faster and easier to light than wood.

You can see more information in the Questions and answers about barbecue, click here

Do you know how a barbecue is different from a grill?

This is the first question you should ask yourself, and don't worry if you don't know the answer because confusing them is a very common mistake. The difference between a barbecue and a grill is called a lid: the barbecue has a lid, the grill does not, it's that simple.

This lid gives the barbecue a versatility of cooking uses that grills don't have. For example, barbecues can function as a charcoal oven to achieve a less charred and deeper preparation, I feel this is often the best way to cook large pieces to the point.
This lid also allows the food to acquire a smoker flavor and aroma, because the smoke in the grills rises while in the barbecues we can keep it in contact with the food for longer. The lid also protects us from the wind and prevents the fire from stoking and burning the meat.
Finally, the cover allows a safer shutdown because the cover protects the embers and wood from the wind, thus preventing possible sparks or embers from flying and causing unwanted fires.

Remember: with grills you must always extinguish the embers with water, especially if you are in a forest or not at home, with barbecues, you can close the lid and enjoy a quiet after-dinner. 

You can see more information in the Questions and answers about barbecue, click here 

Original barbecues and grills

Movie barbecues, gun bbqs, motorcycle bbqs, car bbqs, people have a lot of imagination and it is interesting to see them. 

Some final thoughts: 

If we want to make built-in grills or bbqs, we must have specialists who know what they do. Building a grill or barbecue is not a simple job, especially because of the temperatures that are reached and the safety protocols that must be observed.

Among the stainless steel grills we find certain very interesting models, it is a singularly interesting material when we talk about elements that will generally be available in gardens or outdoor areas in the open. They are usually more expensive but if we want them to last a long time, it may be interesting to value your purchase.

We can't just say which are the best grills or bbqs, but we can give general signs. The best grill is the one that best suits your needs, whether you have to grill meat, fish, vegetables and other types of groceries and the available space that we have.

When we talk about barbecues we always think of meat, but there are many more products that can be made on the grill and they are delicious, when you do your usual barbecue try adding other types of products and try what you like the most.

Thanks to electric grills, everyone can enjoy grilled fish, meat or vegetables at home. Electric grills do not require firewood or charcoal, making them ideal for small balconies or for places where it is not convenient to start a fire.

Many of the hobbyists of roasts and grills are also hobbyists. It is possible to make homemade grills, both low-cost and ready to accommodate good quantities of raw material, as well as presenting a decorative appearance. In many DIY stores they already have kits prepared for DIY and barbecue lovers. 

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